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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Archive Post #1 - from Gingerology, originally posted October 24, 2009

BTW...Late Entry for Best Poster...

...My little girl drew this one a year or so ago... it is my personal fave!
Now, which movie is this one from, and what routine? [ I think "Frend" in a kilt kinda gives it away... :-) ]


  1. Wonderful! What a treasure!
  2. Haha, how cute interpretation of the Barkleys Of Broadway ^^ and a you have another artist in the family, Jwalker ;)
  3. AWWW HOW CUTE! I love 'frend'! And 'Gingr'! I can't get over this picture's adorabiliality. I love frend's pipe.

  4. Thanks, y'all...
    It's neat, because she just draws all this stuff 'on the fly'...she watches a movie, and then goes in her room and comes back in a bit with a picture! She has progressed nicely in her art, and the ol' man is proud of her!

    PS - 'adorabiliality'...nice Laurenism!
  5. This is so cute!!!! A drawing from your daughter showing The Barkleys of Broadway dance scene. I love this!!! :D
  6. Thanks, Gingerfan11! She actually has done a few more, which I may post later on... it's cool that she draws some of these at school - think this one was at home, tho... but the school kids might learn a few things about Ginger and Fred from her drawings, which is cool, I think...

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