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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Archive Post #2 - from Gingerology - originally posted February 23, 2010

Barkleys of Broadway Trivia... prepared by SassyGinger (a.k.a. Katie)... a first here at Gingerology... a contributing editor!!! Which is more than fine with me...especially when the contribution is so great! Hope you enjoy the trivia of Ginger and Fred's last motion picture together, which will air on TCM in a few hours... Good Luck! -VKMfan

Oh boy would I love to have been a fly on the wall that day!

The Barkleys of Broadway is the last of the Ginger and Fred musicals but the only one in Technicolor, and defintely a departure from the rest of the series but a good time! Here are some questions about the film, arranged chronologically as you watch the film.

Here we go!

#1 What is the name of the musical number shown under the opening credits (but can be seen in its full glory as part of Thats Entertainment 3)

#2 According to the curtain call speech, how many shows have Josh and Dinah done together?

#3: How many shows has Ezra done without Josh and Dinah (and how many were flops?)

#4: In which scene did Josh say Dinah could have gotten a little more out of (Jacques disagrees with Josh)

#5: At the party, Ezra is looking for a young lady...what is her name?

#6: What song is Ezra hoping the crowd requests?

#7: When the Barkleys return home, Josh is looking for the cigarette lighter...where does he find it?

#8: What role did Dinah play in high school?

#9: What is the name of the show Josh and Dinah are starring in (this question may have two answers...there is a sign outside the box office window but it is a different name than in the newspaper headline)

#10: Josh is obviously attracted to Dinah's new understudy....and watches her leave. How does Dinah get his attention?

#11: At the gallery, the Barkleys view their portrait, Josh is shaped as a ______ _____

#12: Before the show, Shirlene comes back and asks Dinah what makeup base she uses. What number is it?

#13: When Shirlene mentions that she has been told that the makeup is much to sensitive for her skin Dinah retorts back "Yes, as a kid they used to call me _____ ______ _____"

#14: According to the lyrics of "My One and Only Highland Fling" why was Maggie McDermott not a suitable mate?

#15: Josh, Dinah and Ezra head to Millie's house for the weekend. In what town is the house in?

#16: What does Pamela want to wear for her entrance in The Young Sarah?

#17: What sport are Josh and Dinah playing when Jacques spots them at the house?

#18: When Dinah plays sick before Josh comes in, Jacques wishes her luck and calls her by what famous Bernhardt character name?

#19: When Dinah is playing sick, she says she has never felt like this before. What conclusion does Josh jump to?

#20: Dinah hides "The Young Sarah" script she is reading from Josh by throwing a pillow over her lap. What is she reaching for in her pocket that causes Josh to discover the script?

#21: During the photo shoot, the photographer asks Dinah to feed Josh something...what is it?

#22: WHATS MISSING? Josh is taking a swing at what kind of shoes?

#23: During "The Young Sarah" rehersals how many other actors are on the stage with Dinah?

#24: When "Jacques" calls Dinah at her hotel, he requests that she not be so_________

#25: After they dance to 'They Can't Take That Away From Me" at the benefit, Josh and Dinah talk, but she isn't willing to come back. What is the last thing Josh says before he walks away?

#26: In the scene we see from "The Young Sarah" what is the piece that Sarah choses to perform for her audition?

#27: What is the name of Dinah's maid who helps her in her dressing room?

#28: What is the address of Josh and Dinah's apartment?

#29: When Dinah arrives at the apartment, she puts on a very specific record, what is the name of the song that plays?

#30: As they reunite, Josh tells Dinah several ways that he almost killed himself. Can you name them? (There are 3 but 1 is acceptable)
That's it! Hope you enjoyed always, the answers are in the comment section, so venture there only when you are ready!!!

Once again, a big 'thanks' to SG for compiling this post...and if anyone else out there has any contributions, please feel free to contact me... your patronage is greatly appreciated!!!



  1. ANSWERS!!!

    #1 - Swing Trot

    #2 - This is their third show together

    #3 - four shows, four flops

    #4 - The subway scene

    #5 - Cleo

    #6 - Sabre Dance

    #7 - In Dinah's coat pocket

    #8 - Juliet in 'Romeo and Juliet'

    #9 - The sign reads "The Barkleys of Broadway" but the newspaper says "Manhattan Downbeat"

    #10 - By throwing a chair across the stage

    #11 - Frying pan

    #12 - #4

    #13 - Old Elephant Hide

    #14 - "Her cooking should make me a hermit"

    #15 - Danville

    #16 - A sumptuous black velvet suit

    #17 - Tennis

    #18 - "Good Luck, Camille"

    #19 - Baby!

    #20 - The lighter in her pocket

    #21 - Strawberry

    #22 - Pink ballet slippers

    #23 - 3

    #24 - "demonstrative"

    #25 - "Thaks for the dance"

    #26 - The potion scene from Romeo and Juliet but she switches to Le Marsielles

    #27 - Mary

    #28 - 390 River Terrace

    #29 - You'd be Hard to Replace

    #30 - walked into the East River, shot himself, jumped off the roof
  2. Im still waiting for The Barkleys of Broadway to start...for me, An American In Paris just started so I still have quite a while to wait. When I watch it though I am going to try and pay close attention and see which questions I can answer after.
  3. Well, there WERE some video clips that were supposed to go along with this post, but I could not get them to work when I moved the info into the post...I am pretty bad when it comes to figuring out how to do stuff like that... but as I told SG, it will just make it more 'challenging' to watch the whole movie, then go back and try to answer everything... she did a killer job!!!
  4. VKMfan -

    Did you try to answer the questions without looking? How'd you do?

    Thanks for posting this - it was a lot of fun! Don't worry about the video clips...guess it wasn't meant to be. My original post when I set up a draft over at my blog seemed to work beautifully - oh well.

    Still trying to figure out the picture of Fred between the two girls...must have been quite a number. I think I figured it out! Maybe Shirlene goes on after Josh and Dinah break up and Shirlene goes on but Dinah changes her mind and poor Fred gets stuck in the middle. I just want to know what kind of number that would have been!
  5. ...actually I did mediocre...but did not watch the movie beforehand, either...
    Not sure if the pic in question is actually a clip from the film, a cut scene (could be), or just a 'promotional pic' for the movie... Fred is in a heap of trouble, tho... he ends up on the correct situation, tho!
  6. Well they certainly went through a lot of work for a promo pic - those were the days huh? What was the headline? Starring Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, some chick and Ginger's legs (ticket #1 sold to VKMfan!)
  7. ...yeah, I would check that revue out, fer shure!!!

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